short term medical insurance arizona

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People 65 and under are eligible to apply for the insurance. If you have been denied for health coverage elsewhere, you most likely would not qualify. You also can not apply if you are currently insured. Once you are accepted, most will allow you to pay your premiums either up front or on a monthly basis. You can often receive a discount when you choose the single payment method.

It is important to understand just how these plans work, and what they do and do not cover. Most plans will let you visit any doctor or specialist you prefer but they will also usually require pre-certification. Due to the low cost of these plans, they generally do not cover items that fall under preventative care, such as physical exams, immunizations, and PAP tests. Since it is geared toward healthy individuals, pre-existing conditions are not covered in a short term plan nor are the treatments associated with those conditions. Also, if you have filed any claims under a previous policy, they may refuse to issue you a new one.

short term medical insurance arizona

Choosing the right company to purchase a short term insurance policy from can be tough because of the number of businesses offering this service now. To receive the best possible coverage, one should research the businesses first. You should then receive quotes from several different insurance companies for the desired coverage to compare the best value. Thoughts of past clients can be extremely helpful once the selection has been narrowed down. It is also important for the company to be a registered financial services provider.

Short term medical is definitely the way to go for people who need immediate coverage and either do not want to, or can not afford to, pay the usual high premiums. It is an option for most people, but sadly not for those who have pre-existing conditions. They are left to pay the high monthly rates for full coverage. For those who can, there are numerous companies who offer short term coverage. The competition for your business is fierce and allows you to compare many quotes and find the best possible policy at the best possible price.
Short term insurance is particularly helpful during times of transition when other insurance options may not be available. Many insurance policies discontinue coverage of children upon graduation. A short term insurance policy will assure coverage until other options open. It is also useful during job changes when a new employer’s coverage will not start as soon as the previous coverage ends. Most states have laws restricting the amount of time a person may use short term insurance. It is not a permanent insurance option, but can be a great asset during certain times of a person’s life.

There are many people in America today who are either unemployed, employed part-time or going to school and still desire health coverage. If you are healthy, then carrying short term medical insurance would be something to consider. It can be a viable option for people who are in transition or who can not afford COBRA. There are individual or family plans that cover you for as little as thirty days or for as long as six months.

Transitions in life are not always planned. Short term insurance is available to help get through those uncertain times without risking a period without coverage.


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