small business health insurance Arizona

small business health insurance Arizona

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It seems that one of the hot topics in the news for the past several years is the changing of corporate America. There have been many changes in the economy and with the changes have come cut backs as well as corporate down sizing. Many people are finding themselves in unemployment situations as well as huge changes in life style. For the people in upper level jobs they can fall back on savings, stock investments and their education, however for the laborer this is a time of crisis.

Many people would be able to make ends meet on a lower end salary, except for the cost of health insurance. There are also many people that would be willing to take an early retirement; however they need to continue to work to take advantage of group health insurance. The high cost of medical care adds to the crisis that many people find themselves in financially. Group health insurance is a benefit that people no longer take for granted when looking for employment. There are many talented people that would like to work for small business owners; however they can not afford the premiums for health care coverage. For small business owners the cost of providing employees with group health insurance is putting them out of business.

There are many countries’s that have socialized medicine. The national coverage does take away some choices from the patient, however having everyone insured does take away the passed on cost of the uninsured or underinsured which adds to the costs in our country. The large insurance companies are dictating the type and amount of coverage the average person has, so this does not seem that different than a nationalized system. Many Americans are becoming more and more angry with the insurance companies making huge profits every year as they watch their pay checks dwindle from the premiums that they have to pay for group health insurance or individual coverage. This also affects seniors that need to have a supplemental policy to cover the costs that medicare does not cover. This crisis of lack of medical coverage in the most powerful nation in the world is ridicules. Our nation needs to address the high cost of group health insurance in the very near future. Having people go with out medical attention and having to utilize emergency room medical services only add to the cost of the medical care in our country. People should not have to go without medical services because they can not afford them.
If you are not already a member of a group that can help you get an affordable health insurance rate, consider what groups you may be eligible to join. The Freelancer’s Union was created in part for the purpose of allowing self employed people to get health insurance at discounted rates by bringing freelancers together. Look into options in your local community as well as nationwide organizations like this union. Sometimes, finding affordable health insurance as a self employed person is just a matter of being resourceful and thinking creatively.
One of the largest issues facing the nation right now is the rising costs of health insurance. Many people can not afford to buy health insurance, because the premiums have been driven up to unimaginable heights over the last decade or so. Many companies are trying to help shoulder the burden of the large premiums by paying a certain percentage of the total cost every month for the employee. Many of these companies have tried to work around this problem in many ways.

Larger companies have tried to dodge the growing health insurance premiums by changing the requirements for employees to receive benefits. Many companies are making it harder for people to receive these benefits. Some companies are requiring the employee to work more hours per week than they used to have to work to receive benefits. Other companies are requiring that an employee work for the company for a longer period of time, before they are eligible for benefits.

Both of these approaches will save the company on health insurance costs, because they will not have to cover as many employees. However this is not the best approach for employees, because it makes it that much harder for them to obtain health insurance. Many other companies are trying to lower health insurance costs a different way.

I used to work for a company that had very inexpensive health insurance, and then supplemented it with a health savings account. The health insurance had very low premiums, but the deductible, and payouts for the health insurance were not very good. However the company would set their own deductibles, and co-pays, and then they would take money out of their health savings account to reimburse the employee the difference. This was a very good system, because they were not paying as much money out each month on premiums. They would only have to spend money from the health savings account when the employee actually needed it. Their goal was to eventually cut out the health insurance plan completely when the health savings account had grown large enough. At this time, the company would then save a considerable amount of money in premiums every month.


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